About Our Company

Ipomo is a new generation technology company, by former senior executives of Wipro and Infosys, committed to creating possibilities in mobile learning. With 2 patents (pending of grant) in mobile learning technology and 2 years of research in teaching-learning methodology, Ipomo is poised to bring in a much needed revolution in the education space.

Education patterns across the world are experiencing a sea change, powered by innovative technologies and possibilities. In fact, never before has technology influenced the quality and depth of learning as significantly as today. While at the student level, newer learning paradigms have created more empowered students, at the institution level, technology has vested in them power, they never thought possible.

Ipomo's solutions include "Ipomo Campus" and "Ipomo Tweek". We invite you to experience our leadership world of mobile learning.

What We Offer

Ipomo Campus: Enabling interactive learning
In essence, ipomoCampus is the interactive learning platform that creates a personalized, meaningful and interactive teaching-learning and evaluation experience.
Ipomo Tweek:
Ipomo Tweek is designed as "a friend and guide in the pocket!" Ipomo Tweek is an app on the mobile that connects a student to quality coaching / mentoring inputs for a competitive or academic exam he or she is preparing for.

Our Advantages

Ipomo Campus is a solution created exclusively for institutions. At 4 core levels, it improves:

  • Classroom productivity of teachers
  • Assessment efficiency and speed
  • Teacher guidance of students
  • Parent-teacher engagement

Through "Ipomo Tweek", student can

  • Access his/her academic data
  • View attendance data
  • Interact with lecturer


Director MLACW, Bangalore.
"This technology is the future and we were able to integrate with our system without making any major changes. We are happy that this has the buy-in from students, parents and teaching community"

Dr. Prakash
Principal, Sheshadripuram First Grade College, Bangalore.
"Attendance and Internal Marks system has improved our process significantly. Our teachers now have enough time to prepare for lectures and learn new concepts"

Dr. Uma Devi
Principal, SPUC Yelahanka, Bangalore.
"We now have enough real-time data to take quick and efficient decisions. I need not depend on anybody to access the data."

former Vice-Chancellor, Bangalore University.
"Exams will be transparent and it will save time of both teachers and the students. It will give students speed and accuracy too"