ipomo is a platform on mobile

for learning, lifestyle and beyond.

The platform is a reference point for communities, interest groups and institutions to access and share their ideas and improve the quality of life on the planet – all in one place.

ipomo hosts some of the best institutions / groups across various streams like science, arts, commerce, engineering, medicine, music, competitive exams etc. We welcome you to explore and experience this innovative platform on mobile.

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Sites on the web.Rooms on ipomo

Like sites on the web, there are rooms on ipomo. In a room, one can expect to see focused content or service relevant to a specific area of interest.

Each room is identified by a room id/tag. The tag is enclosed within a square bracket – [ ]. One can get into the room by typing the id/tag. The rooms are mapped to various categories.

In future, the platform will be a sea of activity with limitless range of rooms across various themes and topics, in the fields of learning, lifestyle and beyond.







Amazing tools to build awesome rooms

  • Fully responsive so your content will always look good on any screen size.
  • Awesome sliders give your the opportunity to showcase your content.
  • Create stunning rooms using trendy colors and layouts.
  • Bring room to life with audio, video and images.
  • Give adrenaline rush to your room with learning, assessments, polls, events, blogs.
  • Easy and simple web console to manage your room.

Endless possibilities. All you need is creativity.

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Ridiculously Easy

Create your own room and be on mobile in just 30 seconds.

60+ Top Institutions, 45,000 learners,

3000+ professors, 100+ freelancers.


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Hangout with your roomies

Read an article, attempt a quiz, post a comment, ask an expert, take a poll, watch a video, listen to a lecture, like a blog, compete with your peers, connect with your profs and much more….it is all there in a room.

The nerds come here…profs come here…most happening come here. Just explore your favorite rooms.

Which room are you looking for?





Mobility platform for learning and administration

Across schools, colleges and institutions of higher learning, the focus today is on the quality of learning of the students. Here is the next generation solution, to enhance the quality of learning and administration – in an interactive manner.

At 4 core levels, it improves,

  • Administrative process related to academic activities like Attendance, Internal Marks, Reports etc.
  • Quality of Learning / Teaching.
  • Quality of Engagement with student / parent.
  • Networking.

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Collaborate or Perish!!

Across the globe, the economy is changing and so is the education landscape. The reasons are obvious – technological innovations, integrated communications devices, explosion of internet and mobile apps, globalized world.

ipomo, being the pioneer in M-Learning technology, felt the need to bring all stakeholders on a common platform to facilitate collaboration and competition among institutions and coordination with the corporate world.

ipomo started “edu forum” in partnership with few reputed institutions and corporates to raise the levels of excellence of graduating students through sustained programs in assessment and critical performance evaluation by leveraging mobile technology.

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Exams will be transparent and it will save time of both teachers and the students. It will give students speed and accuracy too.
Dr.Thimmappa, former Vice-Chancellor,Bangalore University
We now have enough real-time data to take quick and efficient decisions. I need not depend on anybody to access the data.
Dr. Uma Devi, Principal, SPUC Yelahanka, Bangalore
This technology is the future and we were able to integrate with our system without making any major changes. We are happy that this has the buy-in from students, parents and teaching community.
Dr.T.L.Shanta, Director MLACW, Bangalore
I believe, I speak for more than 90% of our college when i say that it was probably one of the best types of tests that we have attended and that we look forward to the day when this concept in itself would be more popular
Abhinav P, V Sem, PESSE, Bangalore.

Happening rooms

Seshadripuram Academy of Business Studies
Maharani Lakshmi Ammani College for women, PU Malleshwaram.
MES Pre-Univesity College of Arts, Commerce and Science