A revolutionary mobility platform for learning and administration

Across schools, colleges and institutions of higher learning, the focus today is on the quality of learning of the students. Here is the next generation solution, to enhance the quality of learning and administration – in an interactive manner.

ipomo Campus Learning is the world’s first mobile-based learning and administrative solution to address the needs of student, parent, teacher and management. This is a solution created exclusively for institutions.

ipomo pioneered the concept in 2010 in Seshadripuram PU College, Yelahanka, Seshadripuram First Grade College, Yelahanka and Mahrani Lakhmi Ammanni College For Women using NOKIA phones.



ipomo Campus Learning Solution

At 4 core levels, it improves,

  • Administrative process related to academic activities like Attendance, Internal Marks, Reports etc.
  • Quality of Learning / Teaching.
  • Quality of Engagement with student / parent.
  • Networking.

Attendance, Internal Marks, Reports – Keep it simple!!

Data Entry: De-centralized data entry with an app on mobile phone. Every lecturer now carries a mobile phone having ipomo Campus Solution for

  • marking attendance
  • entering internal marks
  • publishing quizzes, notes, tips etc.
  • feeding work dairy / lessons coverage.
  • and much more…

 Reports: Centralized consolidation & publish. A secured web-based portal where management can

  •  view real-time reports (as per standards prescribed by the board/university)
  •  view profile based analytics for efficient review and decision making.
  •  publish research reports, white papers, branding & promotion, communication etc.

How it works?





“Our monthly MRM (Management Review Meeting) with all the Principals and coordinators is based on these data. We now have enough data points to take quick and efficient decisions”
Dr. Woody P Krishna, Hon. Secretary, Seshadripuram Educational Trust (SET).
“This technology is simple and flexible. We were able to integrate with existing system and simplified our process and procedures.”
Dr. Ajoy Kumar, PES Group
“This technology is the future and we are able to integrate with our system without making any major changes. We are happy that this has the buy-in from students, parents and teaching community”
DR. T.L.Shantha, Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni College For Women, Bangalore

Improving Quality of Learning / Teaching

We, at ipomo, believe that technology is not a substitute for a teacher. Technology should act as a pipe connecting teacher and a learner. On one side, it should help the teacher to prepare and publish articles / notes / quizzes that can be consumed by the learner at his/her own convenience. A learner can also leverage technology to connect with his peers to collaborate and compete.

Our focus has always been to innovate and create new solutions or services that will improve the quality of engagement between a teacher and learner. Some of the most popular solutions are listed below.

Prep Meter: 

Prep Meter is a revolutionary new service from ipomo for measurement of a student’s level of preparation for various competitive exams. It is a perfect mirror that clearly outlines the strengths and weaknesses of the student in each subject.


A system of teacher appraisal and feedback from students would improve teacher effectiveness. Though the system is in place (manual or PC based) in many institutions, but the delay in getting the results, lack of time in administering the feedback, confidentiality and follow-up action on the report is a big challenge for many institutions.

ipomo introduced the feedback process on mobile devices in 2012.

  • Each student is given a hand-held device in the classroom with a secured app.
  • Student selects the teacher and will be asked to rate 10 questions on a scale of 1 to 5.
  • After submission, the data is encrypted and consolidated for generation of report.
  • The results are live and accurate and is available only to the authorized personnel.
  • After approval, the concerned teacher can view his/her feedback on mobile / web.

Assignments, Quizzes, Notes:

Upload notes, assignments and quizzes and get a detailed report on performance of students at real time. This will help the teacher in identifying slow and fast learners in a class and plan his/her teaching methodology.




Improving Quality of Engagement with Students / Parents / Staff

In today’s highly communicative world, it is important that the message is not lost or diluted. We, at ipomo, have understood the importance of this and hence designed a very simple, personal and real time messaging system keeping the needs and requirements of the education community.

  • Group Messaging
    • Institution can form various groups like HOD Group, Physics Group, Commerce Group etc to have an interactive messaging.
    • Departments or individual lecturer can group students based on their stream, profile or interest.
  • Personal Messaging
    • Institution can send specific information to a particular student based on his/her academic performance (attendance, marks, fees etc).
    • Lecturer can upload an image, audio, video or notes to a student based on his/her needs.
  • Promotional Messaging
    • Share the important things happening in your campus with your students / parents at real time.

A web based portal to access all the reports and analytics for efficient planning and decision making.







Only way to survive in this globalized world is through collaboration and competition among institutions. ipomo, being a pioneer in the M-Learning technology, has taken an initiative to bring all the stakeholders in the education space on a common platform for greater collaboration and coordination. 

ipomo “Edu Forum” is a network of institutions that are part of ipomo’s Mobile Learning initiatives. The main objective of the forum is to build a sense of collaborative and competitive spirit among students of member institutions.

Member Privileges:

  • All members will have a unique “room” of their own on ipomo. A secured admin login will be created for managing – Services, Content, Communication with users etc. Also, a web based access to real time reports and analytics about users of the room.
  • ACE program – Members will have a preference in the participation. ACE Prelims will be conducted in the campus (Min 200 students). Non-member students have to visit nearest member campus to attempt ACE prelims and will be a paid service. Will have access to the performance of their students.







It is working…

There are many IT-based solutions (Institution ERP or Student Life-Cycle Management etc) trying their best to address these challenges but with little success. Many institutions did invest heavily in the IT-Solutions and with little success have become very skeptical about any technology solutions. Hence, we wanted to analyze this objectively and find a good solution. 

At Ipomo, for 2 years, we interacted with more than 100 institutions across the state of Karnataka and prepared a detailed report on the shortcomings in the current system. Some of the key findings are listed below.

  • Success of any IT-based systems depend on the availability of timely data. And that is the biggest problem. Manual entry of data on a day-to-day basis is prone to error and delays. So, the system is bound to be inadequate and not as effective as planned.
  • What works for corporate or business WILL not work in the education space. Education space needs a holistic approach keeping the needs of all stakeholders – student, parent, teachers, management and government in mind. The approach should consider human factor, competitive factor, social factor and the business factor.
  • Any technology solution should be flexible enough to align with the institution’s process and methodology and not vice versa.

What we did …

Grassroots approach

  • The solution is not dependent on any separate data entry operators. Hence, it is always real-time.
  • With its simple and decentralized approach, it brings everyone together with clear responsibility and accountability

Mobile technology based solution

  • Does not require huge investments in servers and other hardware platforms.
  • It is simple to deploy and use.
  • Works even in rural and semi-urban segments.

Return on Investment

  • Self-sustaining eco-system ensured 100% usage of the system as every stakeholder is now made accountable.
  • Generated tremendous goodwill among the parents and community.
  • ipomo’s committed operations and service team.


60+ top institutions, 45,000+ students, 3000+ lecturers are on ipomo.

For a live demo on how to make the best use of ipomo’s innovative technology, call us on 91-81399 99903 / 04 or 91-80-2664 0141 today!