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Ipomo welcomes exciting ideas from enterprising partners to leverage the possibilities on ipomo platform. Going forward, ipomo will host diverse content on wide ranging topics in learning, lifestyle and beyond. Our innovative platform can be an exciting window to showcase your offerings and ideas.

When you own a room on ipomo, you own a future!!

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Yes. All you need is 30 seconds to be on mobile platform. Check it out for yourself.

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Customize your room with services( like blog, articles, gallery, polls, quizzes, contests, tests, events etc), make it colorful, set the background or a banner and much more.

Feed the content

Post a blog, administer a test, attach multimedia, publish article, conduct poll, announce an event and much more. You can also link the services to your facebook or twitter sites to source the content.

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Once you are ready, tell your fans about your room on ipomo. Click the “Go Live” button to go live!!

Market your services.


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It is your room. Design and brand it the way you want!

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Leverage ipomo’s user base to grow your traffic and brand across rooms/segments.

Monetize your services

The platform has a unique built-in subscription model to monetize your services. You can offer the services as either paid or free.


Keep a tab on what’s happening in your room. Access instant reports and analysis related to each service and members.

When you own a room on ipomo,

you own a future.

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