Across the globe, the economy is changing and so is the education landscape. The reasons are obvious – technological innovations, integrated communications devices, explosion of internet and mobile apps, globalized world.

ipomo, being the pioneer in M-Learning technology, felt the need to bring all stakeholders on a common platform to facilitate collaboration and competition among institutions and coordination with the corporate world.

ipomo started “edu forum” in partnership with few reputed institutions and corporates to raise the levels of excellence of graduating students through sustained programs in assessment and critical performance evaluation by leveraging mobile technology.

About “ipomo edu forum”

“ipomo edu forum” (IEF) is a network of institutions that are part of ipomo’s mobile learning initiatives. IEF was formed on 12th Jan 2014. Currently there are 20+ institutions (UG) across the state of Karnataka.

Objectives of IEF:

  • To raise the level of excellence of graduating students through sustained programs in assessment and critical performance evaluation.
  • Build a sense of collaborative and competitive spirit among students across member institutions.
  • Promote technology adoption to bridge the digital divide.
  • Act as a bridge between HR and Placement cells.




What IEF will do?

  • Institution portal (room) on mobile platform.
    • Helps students (both internal and external) to access information on the go in a very interactive way.
    • Excellent way to collaborate among students / faculty.
    • Hit rate of a room is 70% more than a normal website.
  • Be part of ipomo’s most popular program among students  – ACE.
    • ACE (Aptitude Competition for Excellence) is an inter-collegiate competition and is held twice a year.
  • Help institution in setting up of ACE Lab in the campus.
  • Organize placement drive, seminars and events in partnership with industry.



Programs by IEF


ACE (Aptitude Competition for Excellence) is is a unique inter-collegiate aptitude contest on ipomo’s revolutionary 203 psi assessment service.Objective of ACE is to bring in a competitive and collaborative spirit among the students and institutions.

ACE contest was first held in 2011 in partnership with Blackberry and Vodafone. Currently, this is an annual event and will be held for two segments – Engineering and Degree.
The contest attracts some of the best brains from the best institutions in Engineering and Degree streams.


EnVision is a Bengaluru HR and Placement Officers (Degree) forum. ipomo is working closely with the community in organizing seminars and conferences.



Own-A-Room program

A recent Google survey points out that 66 per cent of existing smart phone users believe they would access the Internet more through their handhelds in the future. Also, the survey points out that students prefer a mobile friendly site than a normal website.

To help institutions to have a presence on mobile platform, ipomo has opened up its flag-ship platform for all players in the education space for FREE. Now, anybody in the education space can create their own room and be on mobile in just 30 seconds.

This initiative has helped many players in the education segment like the professors, coaching institutions, freelancers, academicians, small and big educational institutions and even universities to have their presence on mobile platform.


Join Today!!

Joining the forum is just a one step procedure. Please send a formal request to join the forum by sending an e-mail to with below details:

  • Name of the institution.
  • Name of the Head of the Institution / Placement or Training officer and contact details (mobile number).
  • Location and Courses offered (eg. Degree or Engineering or MBA or any other) and affiliated University (if applicable).

After due verification and approval, ipomo will send a unique membership code and access keys to your account. That’s it!!