Giving you the mobile learning edge.

  • In today's globalized world, students have the benefit of innumerable opportunities for higher studies, employment, research, etc., and are not limited to state or national boundaries.

    With the rise of opportunities, comes the problem of staying abreast of the syllabus, aptitude skills and performance.

  • Enabling Interactive Learning, the New Way

    A candidates consistency and learning curve are as crucial as his/her current level of knowledge. These factors are not considered while teaching.

    So, there is a strong need for making the information and assessments available continuously to the students at their own convenience. With Ipomo Tweek on their mobile, this is addressed....


  • Access the best learning material

    Your day gets more productive and more fun when you can access with just touch of your finger. For the first time in India, you can subscribe to learning material from some of the reputed institutions through your mobile. These include topic-wise questions, answers, formulae, refresher notes and previous year papers related to various competitive exams. Not just that - download it once and use it forever!

  • Competition is tough. Are you prepared?

    Imagine you having an option to prepare for an examination on your mobile, you looking at it whenever you have time and giving it a crack. You can practice as often as you wish in offline mode.
    Imagine analyzing your performance in comparison to other students - not just in your school, or training center - but across a much wider geography. .